Sermons from 2017


Advent 3: The Message

Isaiah 61:1-4; 8-11 & John 1:6-8; 19-28 Through the pages of Scripture Speak your message to us again, O God Through the voice of your messengers Speak your message to us again, O God Through this moment of listening and receiving Speak your message to us again, O God, and shape our lives by what […]


The Messenger – 171210

Isaiah 40: 1-11 & Mark 1:1-8 When I was at Primary School, each student was assigned a day during the year where they didn’t go to class, but acted as a messenger who sat with the office staff during the day, but when called upon, could carry and deliver a message (usually written on paper) […]

Disaster Recovery Chaplaincy – 171119

Part 1 What is a disaster?                 Disasters can be natural or man-made Between 1967 and 1991 – seven million people around the globe died in disaster but three billion people were affected by them. Since then, the 2004 Tsunami alone killed about 150 000 people. A number […]


How do You Catch a Cloud and Pin It Down – 171022

Exodus 33:12-23 & Matthew 22:15-23. When I was a five or six year old, my grandmother took me to the cinema in George Street in Sydney to see two films – one was ‘Born Free’ and the other was “Sound of Music”. I’ve probably seen the ‘Sound of Music ‘ten times or more since 1965 […]