Lent 1 – “Courage to Enter” – 1 March 2020

Reading: Matthew 4: 1-11

Lent 1 – 1 Mar 20 – sermon – for website

Excerpt (Click on link above for full sermon):

Who can tell us what the word “disciple” means?
A disciple is one who learns.
The disciples of Jesus Christ learn from Jesus – from his life and teaching.
In preparation for Easter, for millenia, the Church has used the 40 (plus a few) days prior to Easter to focus on what it means to be disciples of Christ. In many traditions, it is a time spent preparing people for baptism, and in some traditions, if someone had been particularly naughty and temporarily excommunicated, this preparation time was used to help them re-connect, and to re-engage with the aim that would be received back into the communion of saints at Easter time.

So I am hoping that in this time of preparing ourselves for the Easter celebrations, we all might make an intentional effort to keep learning, to deepen our commitment to learn from Jesus.
So where do we begin?


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