Re-Opening of the 1851 Lecture Hall – 28th July 2019

This was a lovely day celebrating the re-opening of our 1851 Lecture Hall. After an inspirational church service led by Meredith Yabsley, everyone enjoyed morning tea before official proceedings were opened by great singing froim the Katandra Choir, speaches and ribbon cutting by two of our longest standing members, Lesley Southern and Val Best, MC’d by Rev Janice Freeston who introduced Mr Gareth Ward MP, and our Chairperson, Michele Broad.+aTiDAT7Squ2WzMBklzuJweLO70XzyQcqg3XhD2koz4Q ld3u5yqCR+uR+nnfGKHcNg t8BJHf9NSceUfyn+yzq6zw MB7F%HLGRCm6%voYOULx8Q z1SFB1MbT+m7z%ekuqLyWg ba6Ioyi1Tsq+26euxC3e0w Vm29sRlGmvVBL4vduyA AmUWtdbJSgaqnphKPdExbA U3QFuxA7QqCPylYQqHvvyA6S+%rO51TWKS1BWquBl+ag Dn13Ut1vTxyibBOt4+RxcA Fsk5Qxh7QT+9pwWeaU8yeg th3bzukvTY+Auk1wtbJF2Q IMG_0710


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