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Where do We Witness? – Looking Outwards – 180916

Acts 1:4-12

This is such an important reading, not just for the formation of the first Christian church, but for us today, as a reminder of our commission by God, or should I say our co-mission with Christ (God).

It reminds us that we have indeed received the power of God’s love through the Holy Spirit – through whom, we can do all things.

Through that blessing we are compelled to become witnesses to Christ’s love.

Where do we witness?

Well, we start off, as we read in verse 8, in Jerusalem (that is, Kiama and Jamberoo).

We then take it to Judea (say NSW and Australia). Finally we are called by God to take the love and good news to the every ends of the earth.

Sometimes missionaries have taken themselves to the ends of the earth and sometimes we empower people, within those countries at the end of the earth,

to work locally with their culture and their people.

We empower people via education, training, financing, praying and modelling behaviours. I’m sure this is some of what Alan and Michele will be bringing to our attention.

Without further ado, I introduce two of our own leaders – Michele and Alan Broad.

Today’s Speakers    Michele and Alan Broad including questions and answers.


In the New Testament, as we read in Acts, missionaries were not given a gift of chocolates, pens, etc.

But the gifts given were in the commissioning itself – which included fasting, prayer and the laying on of hands.

We won’t submit to the fasting at this time, but may we bring the gift of prayer and the laying on of hands.

Congregation invited to come forward to lay on hands and pray.

Rev. Rob

Be with this couple Lord, as they are led in their focus and passion to bring hope and joy  to the most vulnerable.

In Jesus’ name we pray.



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