What does God require? – 160117

Capture 5Genesis 18:22-33 & John 4:21-24

In this New Year we’ve been looking at aspects of creating our future.

We started firstly by looking at the Kiama and District – Grace Life church in 2050 might say to us in 2015 in growing God’s mission toward the middle of the 21st century and our advice to them

Last week the family Von Rattray led us and presented a message about how we feed and fuel our faith to build the future.

Today we begin the first of two services that focus us on what God requires us to do to form the future.

Let’s begin in prayer.

Lord of all creation and creating,

We read the words of your prophet Micah and hear your voice saying that you require us to ‘do justice, to love kindness and to walk humbly with you’.

But we are not always sure of what these things look like in our 21st century world, and how we outwork them in our church community.

As we reflect on what we do, or will do, may we be reminded that you have always tried new ways to draw us to you – and when everything else failed, you finally sent your son. Thank you Lord for your presence on each of these tables today.


Today we’re going to watch a Rob Bell video called Sunday from his Nooma series. In this 12 minute video we see/hear the essence of the reading from John


  • What does God want us to do with worship?
  • What is worship about?
  • What do we take from worship to create the future?


Food for the week:

  • Have you ever attended church out of a sense of duty?
  • What creates a fire in you during worship?
  • When do you feel closest to God in the gathered worship?
  • How does Sunday morning prepare you for Monday morning?



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