The way we pray – 150208

Isaiah 40: 21-31 &  Mark 1:29-39

Today we are once again talking about prayer. Very shortly we will be viewing a video about the nature of God and the prayer that ensues from an understanding of God.

But first let’s return to our chart.

Growing in Prayer - Week 3

We began this summer series on ‘Commitment to Change’ by saying that it begins with the verbal commitment, but it is fed by learning to trust in God, and in turn this is fed by prayer.

Prayer is so pivotal at all stages that it is a foundation for all stages of our growth as Christians.

Today we continue that journey, but it is worthwhile mentioning that prayer grows faith.

If you want to have faith in God, spend time with God. You will find that you become like the person that you spend time with. As it says in our Isaiah passage – God doesn’t go to sleep on you, his power doesn’t diminish, he doesn’t weary of our coming to him.

But through our time together, our strength will be renewed, our power replenished, our hope restored.

And where does prayer lead? Into service – as it was for Simon’s mother-in-law [in the Markan reading] – who after prayer, began to serve others, and for Jesus, his prayer gave him the answers he was looking for and replenished him to preach the word, heal the sick and cast out demons.

So too for us, prayer is a call to action, a way of growing our faith by living faithfully with and for others.

But now, let’s learn some more about God and prayer and you and I.

and let’s remember to wait on God’s reply.



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