Thanksgiving for the Work of the Men’s Shed – 170730


Lord of all creation,

We celebrate this day with Thanksgiving for the good blokes of the Men’s Shed.

We give thanks for the love, support, advice, and fellowship that they share. And we thank you that they share it with other members of the church family.

May it continue to provide a creative outlet for their hands and hearts and respite for their long-suffering wives and partners.

In Jesus’ name we pray.


Bible Readings: Genesis 1:1-27 The Message

Today we are going to focus on being in tune with each other and God, and in rhythm with God’s creation.

When I was 17 I bought this beautiful guitar. It is perfect in so many ways, just like when God first created the earth but you know there are three things that can destroy the rhythm or tune of a song.

(Minister plays ‘He’s got the Whole Wide World ‘)

  • out of tune instrument
  • bad singing
  • bad playing.

As we heard in our Bible reading – God made the world perfect and with a rhythm of day and night, land and sea, morning and evening, days and years, seasons that come and go, male and female.

And God created male and female in God’s image, but we got out of rhythm with God.

We took God’s instrument (the earth) and we abused it. We played our own tune instead of God’s and we sang our own songs – often too high, too loud, too flat – or we didn’t sing it at all.

To be God-like is to be in tune with his song – that we heard in Genesis – to be loving, to be good and to be creative.

So be it.

We are about to see a video about God’s rhythm and his creation joining together in harmony – as an orchestra begins to play.

But it made me think that in many ways the Men’s Shed is like that orchestra playing together.

How?   Well…..

  1. I see Hugh concentrating and sanding fine furniture, sitting like a cellist.
  2. I think of Baz on the spindle sander, holding a wooden cross, as the spindle goes up and down like a violinist’s bow
  3. I see Tim and Phil on the lathe – running along the wood as if it were a keyboard.
  4. There’s Ralph and Bob and the scroll saw – like a slide guitar.
  5. John on the wood thicknesser as it slides back and forth like a tuba.
  6. Of course, there’s Charlie (Barry) like the conductor – bringing all the sections together.
  7. In the timpani section – we find Eric, Greg, Maurice, Howard and others on hammers.
  8. Stagehand Kenny – cleaning up in preparation for a new gig.
  9. Ian as the director/producer.
  10. Big Pete on set design and stage craft.
  11. Rusty and Reuben as the booming bass baritones
  12. The chorus of all gathered at morning tea and lunch and
  13. The choir of angels in Peter D’Amico, Ken Tasker, Bob Bone, Chris Fenton and Philip Richardson.

May our gifts be in tune with the plan, in rhythm for your plans, gathered together to feed people with love, hope and joy.



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