Parables – 180617

Mark 4:26-34

LogoToday’s reading is the Lectionary Gospel reading set down to be read in worship settings all around the world.

In it, Jesus is telling stories, stories he called parables.

The word parable comes from two Greek root words – para (alongside, together or with) and ballo (to throw) – thrown together. In essence it is a story – that takes a common theme, setting or process – for example, the growing of grain from seed and places it as a comparison with a moral or spiritual lesson to be learnt.

The stories Jesus told were important for they told much about him and his kingdom and our place in it.

Think of the words of the song we’ll soon sing ‘Bring Many Names, beautiful and good, celebrate in parable and story, holiness in glory, living, loving God, hail and hosanna bring many names’.

To many people when they think of the Bible, they focus on the history, the chronology or the social science of Ancient Times. But what it also does is that it throws God’s story together with our story.

Chaplaincy, often focuses on telling stories and hearing stories. But the Chaplain also places God’s story alongside the human story – to make meaning of our lives and to remind us that the most important thing about our faith is to be in loving relationship with God and with each other.

This morning we are joined by Rev. Andrew Watts, Chaplain at Uniting’s Mayflower Village at Gerringong who will speak with us today on what Chaplaincy is all about in Aged Care and plans to adopt Inspired Care in all Uniting Aged Care Facilities.



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