Looking Outwards – Uniting – 180520

As you are probably aware today is Pentecost Sunday. Here is our reading for the day. Acts 2:1-21. Let’s hear it as the coming together of the community of God with the community of followers.

Hear the words –

  • ‘all together in one place’,
  • ‘the Spirit appeared among them’,
  • ‘tongues of fire rested on each of them’, ‘
  • the crowd gathered’,
  • ‘each one heard them speaking in the native language of each’,
  • ‘all were amazed’ and
  • ‘I will pour my Spirit out upon all’.

Community is found where each person gathers and communicates.

Years ago I did a Spirit journey to Mungathiri – the Simpson Desert with a group of other pilgrims (aged from late teens to folks in their 70s).

I went looking for Jesus in the solitude, but I found him in the community with others.

Disparate, different, most only there for a week or so, and except for people such as Nigel (and his wife Annette) and Rev. Matt Wilson or Dean Drayton – people who I wouldn’t see much of again, but we became reliant on each other for our survival and well being – which is what community is – home is the people more than the place.

Looking Outwards – today we have invited Rev. Nigel Hawken, Chaplaincy Convenor South for Uniting to speak with us today.

(His message is on the video)


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