Feeding and Fuelling our Future – 160110

Psalm 29: 10-11 & Luke 3: 21-22

Today in our Bible Readings we’ve heard of new beginnings.

olsen-christ-baptismThe baptism of Jesus is an important beginning. Christmas celebrates the beginning of his earthly life, Easter Sunday celebrates his fulfilled promise of new life and his baptism marks the beginning of the messy part in the middle – life and ministry as an adult.

But Psalm 29 talks more about the powering of the mission ahead through God and his Spirit.

The psalm and the song begin with the word ascribe – which means attribute and credit. Firstly we credit God with glory strength and splendour. By the end of the song the psalmist reminds us that we have been blessed with his strength and peace.

This is reinforced in what we see happening in Jesus’ baptism in the Jordan – the beginning of a mission – blessed and powered by God Almighty.

Baptism is not a stopping place – it is a door through which to walk.

In our play today we saw and thought about who was up to the job of being a Christian.

The worthy one is the One who has a heart to hear the word and do the deeds, not the one who does the deeds in order to hear the word or to ingratiate themselves in order to hear the word.

We acknowledge our unworthiness and selfishness in order to be counted worthy.

The words in the Theodore Monad’s spiritual song of 1875 – ‘None of self and all of thee’ and from Galatians 2:20 – it’s no longer I that liveth but Christ who liveth in me’ need to be part of that baptism which fuels the journey ahead – to be blessed with strength and peace.

Power is truly found in our weakness.

This week you might think about how your faith is powered.

Worship participation is obviously important as too is private meditation, prayer and study of the Bible as well as the public gathering in prayer and Bible Study.

Does anyone want to reaffirm their baptism or indeed is anyone drawn to be baptised who hasn’t already been?

Belonging and participating in the mission of God in this place is important.

  • I am grateful to Marion who has stepped up to the plate this week.
  • I am grateful to the Ladies Fellowship for what they are doing this month and
  • I’m grateful to whoever is listening and waiting for God’s word whilst being proactive at the same time.

Let’s be future focused so we can also hear those words from our God that Jesus heard at his baptism, ‘You are my child, the beloved; with you I am well pleased’.


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