Caring for the Children – 150419

Bible Readings: Proverbs 22:5-6 & Colossians 3:21 & Mark 10: 13-16

On Sundays we meet together to worship God and to hear God’s call on our life and to be equipped to answer that call beyond the gathered people. For some of us, it’s about hearing the call and moving the church in a corporate direction and sometimes it is about what we do as individuals to proclaim God’s glory in meeting the needs of others.

Today we will hear about the William Campbell Foundation –

What it does as a local Christian Children’s Foster Care organisation and what part some of our very own church members play in it.

Introduction to the William Campbell Foundation

How it all Began

Becoming a Foster Parent

The Fostering Experience

Farm-Foster-Care-Ad1Perhaps God is calling  you to open your heart to a foster child today. Please see Rev. Rob if you would like to discuss this further.


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