Sermons from 2019

Gifts for the Common Good – 160619

Gifts for the Common Good – 1 Corinthians 12:4-27 – 16 June 2019

We have the Apostle Paul to thank for the image of the Body of Christ. In this particular passage, he was addressing the quarrelling followers of Jesus in Corinth. Paul had established this Christian community only a few years earlier, and he was writing because he had heard they couldn’t agree on leadership. So, they were arguing amongst themselves. Paul is trying to tell them in this letter-you’re missing the point. Spend your energy on what Jesus taught us. Respect the gifts in each other. And it doesn’t matter what race or class or ethnic background you are, we are all equal in the eyes of the one God. We are all imperfect but we are all valuable people.

There’s a lot of talk in our country lately about values. The political landscape is bringing to the forefront all the “issues” that have been used to divide us. Australians have been no different than the church goers in Corinth-arguing about leadership.

Yet, no church is more a mess than the church Paul writes to in Corinth. If you ever feel bad about the church, just read 1 Corinthians; you’ll feel much better! Paul’s first letter, what we call 1 Corinthians, was full of advice on how to get back on track as a church. His second letter, what we call 2 Corinthians, showed that they had listened to him and made some much-needed changes.

The Detour of Doubt – 190428

A Sermon by Rev janice Freeston at the concluding service of Rev Rob and Thea Buchan.

The Detour of Doubt 28/4/19 Kiama – John 20:19-31
Have you ever been driving along the street and you come to a detour? Maybe there is road works or an accident or something and you are not permitted to continue the way you wanted to go. You have to turn around or down a side street in a whole other direction. Sometimes it is a short loop, other times it costs you hours. I don’t know whether it is my independent streak or whether it is a normal reaction, but I get quite put out when someone else decides where I should go!


Being in the Crosshairs of God’s love – 190331 2 Corinthians 5:16-21 & Luke 15:1-2, 11b-32 Let’s pray: Father as I speak, may you speak and may Jesus be glorified. Those who know anything about long barrel firearms will know there are a couple of major differences between a rifle and a shotgun. Now that’s an unconventional way to begin a sermon. However, […]


Looking Outwards – Ambulance Chaplaincy – 190317 Welcome to the Second Sunday of Lent and the second of our Looking Outward Services for 2019. In these services we focus on the work, the service and the mission of individuals and groups beyond the walls of the church. Last month we focused on the work of the folks involved in the Jamberoo […]


New For Old Part 4 – 190224

Genesis 1:1-5 & John 1: 1-5 I think it is a fairly natural thing that parents try to educate their children in the things that were important to them when they were younger. For my part as a parent, I spent much time ‘educating’ our daughter on humour – particularly satirical, wit/word play, absurdist and […]