Sermons from 2015


Old And New, Now And Not Yet! 151129

Jeremiah 33:14-16 & Luke 21:25-36 Let’s pray: Now Advent has begun, a season in its own right, not just a countdown to Christmas. Without Advent, there would be no Christmas. So hear the prophet’s instructions: “Prepare the way of the Lord. In the wilderness make a highway for God.” What wilderness? Many are drowning in spiritual clutter and materialistic excess. We need help. We need a Season to cut through it all like a laser knife, and point us to the One who is coming. Come, Lord Jesus! Come through your word to us today. Before I begin I would like to acknowledge the inspiration of Chris Andrews in this sermon. It was the German American 20th century […]


Being A People Of The Way – 151122

Being A People Of The Way Bible Readings: Acts 9:1-6 & Luke 24: 13-32 During my last holidays, I caught up with a couple of friends who had walked 800 kilometres across France and Spain in a pilgrimage called ‘The Camino de Santiago’ or ‘The Way of Saint James’. Two hundred thousand people a year […]


Your Faith Story – 151115

THE SOCIAL GOSPEL Luke 4: 16-21 & Luke 10:25-37 During the year we have highlighted many social Gospel issues in which the Uniting Church around Australia has had involvement. Remote area ministry, Coal Seam Gas extraction, child slavery, environmental issues, food security and refugee advocacy. This last issue has been a big focus for us […]


Ability and Availability – 151004

Luke 12:35-36; 41-48 & James 2:14-24 Last week we spoke about the circumstances that we live in and, whether good or bad, they can provide us with the vehicle to move forward God’s plan for us and through us. In essence, they can be the blessing that means we can be a blessing to others. […]


Sent to Prepare the Way – 150913

Isaiah 61:1-3 & Mark 1:1-8 Many of us here today would remember teachings in primary or high school drumming into us the fact that in 1813 Blaxland, Lawson and Wentworth broke out from the Cumberland Plain and found a way over and through the Blue Mountains and into what might have seemed like the ‘outback’. […]