Sermons on Lent


Being in the Crosshairs of God’s love – 190331 2 Corinthians 5:16-21 & Luke 15:1-2, 11b-32 Let’s pray: Father as I speak, may you speak and may Jesus be glorified. Those who know anything about long barrel firearms will know there are a couple of major differences between a rifle and a shotgun. Now that’s an unconventional way to begin a sermon. However, […]


Looking Outwards – Ambulance Chaplaincy – 190317 Welcome to the Second Sunday of Lent and the second of our Looking Outward Services for 2019. In these services we focus on the work, the service and the mission of individuals and groups beyond the walls of the church. Last month we focused on the work of the folks involved in the Jamberoo […]


A Time to Challenge – 180304

1 Corinthians 1:18-25 & John 2:13-22 To challenge something or someone is to call into question, to contest something, to stand in opposition, to engage in argument, to object to or to make demands. Before change comes challenge. Before renewal comes challenge and Before reconciliation comes challenge. Challenge is important for us to move forward […]


Being Born Again – 170312

Reading NIV John 3:1-17 Have you ever had one of those moments where God has sent you a sign that is so strange – so out of the normal – that you can’t ignore it or explain it away? Something happened to me several weeks ago. Since being at our house in Berry – I’ve […]

Settling For Too Little – 160214

[Today our church leaders and the congregation were commissioned for the year ahead] Today, we heard a story – during our young person’s time – about the temptation to do nothing or it is safer to do what we always do, it creates less anxiety, it does not put us out. Recently, with Thea, I watched […]