Sermons on Easter


A Road Less Travelled – 180513

Acts 1:15-17 AND 21-26 & Luke 24:13-17 AND 28-35  & Luke 24:13-17 AND 28-35 This week we celebrate Ascension Sunday. The time in the church calendar when we remember the risen Christ’s return to Heaven, before the gifting of Christ’s Spirit in the season of Pentecost. Today’s two readings are set close to that event – […]


Can’t Keep It In – 160327

He is Risen! Thank God – He is Risen Indeed! Back in 1974 Cat Stevens – aka Youssef Islam – wrote a song for the ‘Catch Bull at 4’ album, called ‘Can’t Keep It In’. It goes a little like this: ‘I can’t keep it in, I’ve gotta’ let it out. I’ve got to show […]