Rev. Rob

Rev. Rob Buchan

Rev. Rob is our minister in placement. Rob, and his wife Thea, moved to Kiama in 2014, having completed a placement as a Resource Ministry team in the north west of the state.

He writes ‘To understand and work in a 21st century post-Christendom world, as a Christian leader, one needs to know the context and conventions to be effective in spreading the gospel.

I have been formed and grown as a Christian by my work in rural and remote areas, in urban and suburban places, through multi-cultural and multi-faith encounters, both inside worship spaces and beyond them. Through these encounters I have come to a greater understanding of what we mean when we say, in our creedal statements, that we value unity in diversity.

Since we are all in the Body of Christ we are all in mission to take ‘out’ the Good news to the world. The mission field is not in the church building but wherever we find people.

Therefore, wherever we see need, hurt, pain, emptiness or the lack of good news [Gospel] we need to be there.

How we proclaim it may take many forms but developing relationships, providing resources and being involved in community development are as valid a way of proclaiming the good news as simply preaching it to people whatever their stage of life.’

Rob’s hobbies include woodwork, gardening (especially vegetables), travelling, bush walking and fossicking. He was thrilled to win a first and second place for his woodwork and a first for his carrots at the 2015 Kiama Show!