Janice Freeston

Rev. Janice Freeston

  Rev Janice has ably fulfilled the role of Supply Minister for the past 12 months pending the appointment of a new Minister. She is now a Minister in Association at Kiama Jamberoo and was elected Chairperson of the Congregation and Church Council.


Rev. Katherine Merrifield

Rev. Kath Merrifield has been inducted as Minister of the Word, and welcomes everyone to the Kiama Jamberoo Uniting Church. Kath has been associated with our church in Kiama for the last three years and has been an ordained Minister of the Uniting Church in Australia for 17 years.    

Alan Fowlie

Alan  is also a member of the Presbytery Property Committee and attended the Synod Property Consultations as part of Presbytery property.  

Judy McConnell

Judy McConnell

Judy is an Elder and joint Newsletter Editor. Mail can be send either by email to the address listed or to the Church Post Office Box PO Box 140, Kiama, NSW, 2533