A special treat for anyone who loves Hymns and church music. With wonderful pianist Dr. Ron and vocalists Reuben Rattray and Gail Pickles, with Pam Waters on flute and Rob Pickles providing programme assistance,  this groups meets about six times a year at 2.00 pm to enjoy singing their favourite hymns and church music. After all that singing afternoon tea is served. Won’t you join us for fun, fellowship and beautiful music?

2019 HymnSing Dates

February 24

June 23

July 28

September 22

November 24


2015 Aug

August 2



  1. I’m a successful composer and songwriter and in 1990 won a prize for a hymn I wrote. “The Lord is the Strength” is popular in my old church at Gymea and has been used there regularly ever since. Would you be interested in having a listen with a view to using it at your next Hymn Sing. I can send you an mp3 professional recording, piano sheet music and lyric if interested. With a range of an octave it’s not too hard to sing.

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