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Rev. Janice has been appointed Supply Minister from 1st May 2019 to Kiama – Jamberoo Uniting Church, whilst the Congregation goes through the process of discerning and selecting a new Minister  of the Word.

17/11/19 Some ways to love our community

It is important for us to find ways for us to love our community as well as our church. Sometimes it is difficult with life changes, to also change our approach to life. Here are some ways we can love our community.
1. Don’t keep pinning for somewhere else. Looking back all the time with a kind of envy, is not helpful for our lives. Even if we have had to leave a place where we were extremely happy and involved in the community, it is not helpful to continually dwell on those years at the expense of enjoying the present.
2. Join in the fun in this community. Find a group, a festival or the like, where you can have some fun.
3. Stop complaining. No one likes to spend time with someone who is always complaining. You will find it very difficult to love this community if you are always finding negative things to talk about to those around you.
4. Be active. This will reduce loneliness and isolation as well as helping you to find new friends.
5. Try something new every now and then. Go to a different coffee shop. Take a different route home. Visit a different park or beach. You will be surprised with how this will help to change your attitude towards the community.

Rev. Janice Freeston

Janice Freeston