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Remembrance Day, when it falls on a Sunday as it does this year, sometimes creates a quandary for us in the Christian Church.

Remembering war can so easily slip into talk about victory and glory and heroism, even idolatry, depending on how it is presented.images

On another level war if often about greed, anger, misunderstanding, disruption, power and evil, distress, death and polarising peoples and nations.

Perhaps then our focus needs to shift back to the participants (both military and civilian) who are all victims.

Jesus’ life exemplified the gifts of sacrifice, friendship, service and love and yet he too was a victim of anger, evil, power, greed and misunderstanding.

Perhaps when Jesus says, in Luke’s Gospel, the Kingdom of God is among you and in you, he was referring to the mateship, service and sacrifice that people in war make, to some degree, which can reflect the kingdom of God and the nature of Jesus.

Today, across three services, 9.30 am at Kiama, 4.30 pm at the Lighthouse and 6.15 pm at Jamberoo we will hear stories of individuals such as Alec Campbell – a Private in the AIF who served at Gallipoli – who, through his ‘character’ (and reflected through his life story), tell something of the Christian story of love, service and sacrifice.


Rev. Rob

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