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Rev. Janice has been appointed Supply Minister from 1st May 2019 to Kiama – Jamberoo Uniting Church, whilst the Congregation goes through the process of discerning and selecting a new Minister  of the Word.

14/8/19 What is God Like?

 In a survey the Congregation members recently completed, they answered the question ‘what is God like?’ It brought some great responses and I have been musing about them. Here are a few of the things people said: “God is all loving, all inclusive, forgiving, challenging and wanting all people to be cared for and blessed

That is a very good list. God is all loving: the underlying motivation of God is love. Even in the most trying of circumstances and relationships, God is all loving.

All inclusive: I think this is a challenge for us to get our heads around. It is simply amazing that God includes everyone, all races, all genders, all political views; everyone, in the loving outstretched arms of God.

Forgiving: because we find it difficult to forgive ourselves for some of the things we have said and done; because we find it difficult to forgive others who have hurt us; it stretches our imaginations when we contemplate the all-encompassing forgiveness of God.

Challenging: I wonder when was the last time you were challenged by God? Are you avoiding doing something God has asked you to do? Make that phone call, write that letter, visiting that neighbour? Have you stopped reading the Bible because you know the words will challenge you?

It is true that God wants us to be cared for through the Holy Spirit and through others and God wants us to be blessed. Can you recall a time when you felt blessed by God or by someone else?


Rev. Janice Freeston

Janice Freeston