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Funeral Etiquette

As someone who often drives a minister to the graveside, I have witnessed the behaviour described in this article below – people unable to wait a few seconds or minutes and must get ahead. But then a lot of folk in the funeral procession don’t really understand the etiquette either. In these days of cars […]

Churches Unite

  For more detailsNext Sunday the five Christian churches of Kiama will join together in prayer and fellowship for an event we are calling Churches Unite. We start at 11.15 at the Baptist Church, then down to the Presbyterians, then Uniting, followed by the Anglicans and finally we end up at the Catholic Church. What […]


Had Enough – a Jon Humphries Prayer

Had Enough I’m p!ss3d off, Lord, I’m sick of the squeaky wheels getting the good oil. I’m sick of the players and cheaters winning the good stuff. I sick of the world being dazzled by diamonds, When it is the dirty minerals that feed the plants, And the simple stuff like wood which forms the […]

Tweeting the Bible

Uniting Church Theologian – Rev. Dr Ben Myers set himself that task of doing a tweet to summarize each book of the bible. For those who don’t know a tweet is limited to only 144 characters. We think he’s done a great job! What do you think? Can you do better? You’re encouraged to give […]