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Deidre Palmer

We have a new President – Dr. Deidre Palmer

The 15th Assembly of the Uniting Church is taking place in Melbourne right now. Below is the installation of our new President – Dr. Deidre Palmer. Als,o on the Vimeo site, is the introduction to the candidates for the next President elect. You can follow what’s happening at Assembly by checking out the Facebook page: […]


Why People leave their Church?

Well, to be brief, there are so many different reasons why someone will choose to leave their church family and a lot of them are really important and necessary. That being said, there are some reasons that really fall short of what the Lord requires of his followers and nine times out of ten it’s […]

Funeral Etiquette

As someone who often drives a minister to the graveside, I have witnessed the behaviour described in this article below – people unable to wait a few seconds or minutes and must get ahead. But then a lot of folk in the funeral procession don’t really understand the etiquette either. In these days of cars […]