Pentecost Prayers for Others – 090619

In a world where many people experience hatred, pour out your love Gracious God.

In a world where people have little hope for the future, tickle their lives with your joy Almighty One.

In places of war, violence and unrest, drench the world with your peace.

In cultures where people want everything ‘now’, slow us down with your patience dear Friend.

When our focus is on ourselves with unrelenting clarity, bring kindness into our hearts loving God.

When we are tempted to clamber over others to get what we want, pour your goodness into our souls.

When we wander away from you, call us back to faithfulness, reminding us of your abiding presence, Holy One.

In the rough and tumble of busy lives, remind us to be gentle with the truth, compassionate in our words and honest with ourselves.

When we are tempted to act in anger or to put off the things we need to do today, give us the self-control to change our behaviour.

May your Holy Spirit move again over the earth like a rushing wind, challenging us, changing us, renewing us. Amen.


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