Update on the Lecture Hall Upgrade – 181216

IMG_20181022_092445Lecture Hall Upgrade –
Last report for the year. Work has now finished for the year on the Lecture Hall (LH). We had hoped to be further advanced but the need to remove paintwork and the very high moisture and salt content in the walls have slowed our progress.

The paintwork in the western end of the LH had to be removed so that the moisture and salt could be extracted from the brickwork underneath. This was unexpected work which added time and cost to the project. Second, the time taken for the cocoon poultice to dry as part of the extraction process took much longer because of the very high levels of moisture and salt in the walls. Again this added to the cost of the project but the salt and moisture readings on samples drawn from the brickwork show that a good outcome has been achieved.

The electrician has completed the wiring as far as possible and will return later when the kitchen is installed. A chemical dampcourse has been injected at the base of the brickwork and this will prevent moisture from rising up into the building in future.

The contractors will render the internal walls and the external North Wall in the new year and that will allow the painting to start. We are awaiting a report on whether the arches over the Northern entrance and window need some remedial work.

The project is taking longer than expected but we have had to do more work than expected. The LH remains a construction site and people should stay away from it until further notice. We regret the inconvenience and thank you for your patience.

Thanks to our wonderful and generous members, we reached the short-term fundraising goal that was set two weeks ago of $75,000 which is terrific, and one of our Presbytery churches has sought approval from Synod to share with us a donation of $20,000 from their Proceeds of Sale. That would put us within easy reach of $100K before Christmas. Also another smaller church in the Presbytery has sent a contribution to the cause. We are truly grateful.

Just amazing thanks to everyone’s prayers.


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